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Rosin press (6 ton replaceable bottle jack integrated)


All-in-one hydraulic rosin extractor with 76x127mm anodized dual heating plates perfectly alligned for the best extraction experience at any place.

Rosin press 6 T


  • All-in-one hydraulic rosin press kit 76x127mm anodized dual heating plates remain in perfect alignment through pressing
  • Plate size is well suited to most extraction filters and pre-press molds.
  • Durable PID temperature controller box with accurate temperature detector
  • Manual oil extractor Long working life
  • Strong H-shaped compact frame made of steel, paired with 6 ton hydraulic bottle jack (possible to be upgraded up to 8 tons)
  • Heavy-duty spring
  • Easy to replace hydraulic bottle jack
  • Food-grade aluminium working surface ensures the best flavor and easy cleanup
  • Ideal pressure for pressing 1-10g flowers
  • Integrated 6 ton hydraulic bottle jack delivers above 1,000 PSI, if pressing with 330mm2 rosin extraction filters.
  • Dual insulation layers allow the rosin press plates to achieve 200°F / 93°C in 8-10 minutes and protect the machine from heat loss
  • Portable and compact, saves space and allows quick storage
  • Easy to transform into new rosin press – procure a new rosin heat press machine via removing heated plates and PID controller box from this unit.


  • Temperature range: 0-399°F / 0-204°C
  • Power: 500 Watts
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Total weight: 40.8lbs / 18.5kg
  • Package size: 559 x 406 x 348mm
  • Pressing area: 76x127mm

Specification of Bottle Jack

  • Net weight: 9.92lbs / 4.5kg
  • minimum height: 216mm
  • diameter: 71mm

Safety precautions

  • Choose a bottle jack with similar height and size/diameter
  • Maximum 8 T bottle jack
  • Point the head of bottle jack to the circle at the bottom plate
  • No need to lock bottle jack on the bottom frame

Packaging contents

  • 1 x all-in-one hydraulic rosin press
  • 1 x rosin PID temperature controller box


  • To prevent leaking, do not turn the bleed valve over 720 degrees (2 full revolutions)
  • Open bleed valve slowly with a half revolution
  • One person operation
  • Keep out of reach of children

PID Controller Setting

  • Press “set” button to activate temperature controller
  • ◄ press button to increase and decrease the value at hundreds, tens and ones values
  • ▼ or ▲ from 0-9 for your desired temperature
  • Push “set” button to lock the desired temperature

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