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ice water extraction

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Freeze drying plays a crucial role in the process of making ice water and bubble hash


Rosin press extraction

Rosin is produced by pressing the flower between two hot, high pressure surfaces, essentially compressing the resinous juice from the flower or melt. The result is an extract of fine texture and translucent color. If rosin is produced properly, most of the flavor, aroma and terpenes of the original bud will remain, which is better than solvent extracts that could contain butane, propane or alcohol.

We are Rosin enthusiasts

Our entire offer is designed for more efficient and clean extraction of concentrate in the comfort of your own home. We have carefully selected high-quality vaporisers for you. We are planning to extend our product range by top industry products from European manufacturers.


Vaporizing, also known as vaping, refers to the conversion of a substance from a solid or liquid state into gas by the application of heat. As it relates to medical cannabis, vaping entails the use of convection or conduction heating methods to safely heat dried cannabis to an optimal temperature (not high enough to cause combustion) to release cannabis compounds in the form of a vapour.

According to a recent study, vaping of plant Rosin is perceived to be a cleaner and safer option compared to smoking. If you are looking for a secure and efficient option to consume your medication, here are four reasons why you should consider vaporising:

Lung-Healthy, Quick Onset of Effects, Cost-effective, Discreet and Convenient.

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